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10 Reasons to be Glad They Aren’t Your Landlord!

  • 29 April 2016
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We would like to start this news post with a short disclaimer, in no way do we endorse the actions of the landlords in this post…. although we do admire some of their ingenuity!


This Landlord has found an inventive way to fix a broken clock preferring to use a piece of paper than to buy a new one. We can only hope he measured the minute spacing or not only do his tenants have an eye sore, they are likely running late!


Health and Safety 101 is surely that you do not mix electricals and water. This landlord clearly didn’t take this into account when he devised this novel way of getting around the problem of no hot water.


At number 3 we have another Landlord who isn’t passing a safety inspection any time soon. Whilst a bottle of water would indeed go some way to fighting a fire we can’t help but balk at this inadequate ‘fire extinguisher’.


This next one has to be seen to be believed. One ‘enterprising’ Landlord has clearly seen the money making potential in allowing tenants to use the buildings lift by imposing a $35 dollar a month fee. It’s not all bad, he has offered residents a free alternative… the stairs!


Another contraption that wouldn’t be out of place in a cartoon is this Landlords approach to a ceiling leak. This Landlord clearly subscribes to the school of thought that a bit of duct tape really can fix anything!


These residents were in for a nasty surprise when winter hit and they went to adjust the temperature of the thermostat, one twist revealed that the knob was hanging on by a nail and was there purely for ‘decorative’ purposes.


When tenants asked their Landlord for a bigger table I don’t think this is quite what they had in mind! This table extension is far from flawless.


This Landlords solution to covering up an unused fireplace is nothing short of an eyesore. It’s not helped by the singe marks and questionable hole in the fire surround…


Next up we have another Landlord who seems to be on board with the ‘duct tape cures all’ solution to DIY, and has gone to town with the tape to help patch up a leaking bathroom tap.


Rounding up our list of dodgy DIY jobs and general bad Landlord practice is this adapted shower head. A trip to B & Q for a replacement shower head was clearly too much for one thrifty Landlord who decided a plastic bottle could be easily adapted to do the job – very…unique!

Whilst it’s fun to have a chuckle at some of these truly disastrous attempts of Landlords to cut corners we don’t think their tenants found this very amusing. At WardHorne we carry out regular maintenance checks on all the properties we manage and can arrange property repairs, hardware replacements and landlord agreed improvements with all work carried out by our network of insured contractors.