Properties to let in Richmond, North Yorkshire

Tentants Fees

Fees for tenants in Richmond, Catterick and the surrounding North Yorkshire area.

All Tenants Fees are inclusive of VAT.

Administration Fee

Covers the referencing process and the creation of all contractual paperwork; it is non-refundable.

At the end of a tenancy, if you require us to give a Landlord's reference to a new agent or tenant referencing company, there is a £10 charge, which can be paid to our office in cash or by online transfer.

£150 for the first tenant
£50 for each additional tenant

Guarantor Fee

Covers the referencing process and creation of the guarantor agreement.


Addition of permitted occupants

Permitted Occupants do not need to be referenced but do need to be added to the tenancy agreement which all tenants need to sign.
When a permitted occupant joins at the start of the tenancy there is no charge.

£30 each when added at a later date

Changing a rent day

If you wish to change the rent day from the date you signed to another date, you should request this in writing so we can ask the permission of the landlord. If agreed, we will then update our system and confirm your new rent day in writing.


Pet Bond

A non-refundable Pet Bond must be paid to cover the cost of having the carpets professionally cleaned and the property fumigated at the end of the tenancy for the purpose of destroying any pests that may remain.

(£100 to be registered with The Deposit Protection Scheme, £20 admin fee to go to WardHorne)

Some landlords may ask for a higher bond.

This is in addition to the Tenancy Bond.